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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos *completed*

Sakurai Sayuki was born with sharp eyes that make her look like she's always angry, even though she's not. Because of her looks, students around her misunderstand her as a bully and scary girl when in fact she's "a romantic". After 15 years without a boyfriend, she started off her high school year with hopes of love...

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Warning: my review contains spoiler.. and it always is..

I'll give a score of 8 / 10 for this manga, and this has officially become one of my top favorite manga! I was kinda upset that it ended really fast.. only 4 volumes.
and i think that the author a little bit hurried at the last chapter.. i really hoped it was longer..

Anyway, the main character is
Sakurai Sayuki I love this girl! ... at the beginning... i thought she was cool and all.. but she slowly turning into a normal shoujo girl..

She was born with sharp looking eyes which made people think that she's staring angirly while she was simply gazing into space.
Apparently she never had a boyfriend and has always expected a romantic relationship like those in a manga/drama (same!!).
Thus her friends and her decided to go to the beach for the summer holiday, and that's where she met... her love interest
Hagiwara Katsuya.
Sayuki and him met at a coincidence.
Katsuya was selling choco banana at a stand on the beach where Sayuki went to, and he helped her getting away from guys who tried to pick her up. She was mesmerized/ fell for his handsomeness.
She had quite a private time with him at the beach and she painted his nails (for fun), but he somehow refused telling her. So she decided that she'll find out by herself.

Later.. She found out that he's actually her teacher when she overheard another teacher scolding Katsuya for having colored nails even though he's a teacher..

I'm sorry about the crappy picture...

This guy here is Muuto Yuushi.
He's Sayuki's childhood friend who she USED to like.
But she gave up on him because he acted like an asshole in front of her the whole time, like saying that her dress looks boring, not sharing this and that with her.
Apparently that's how he expressed his love towards her (like those childish thing: a boy bullies girl he likes). yup he likes her.

Sayuki is a bit of a slow person in terms of realising someone's feelings, so she doesnt really know until he confessed.

Their relationship are pretty much like cats and dogs..

I seriously do not know which i guy i'd prefer since i LOVE THEM BOTH!
Sayuki x Katsuya ♥
Sayuki x Yuushi ♥

Yuushi x Katsuya

Yuushi can be a good boyfriend.. or not?
He seems to be the type that can't really express his feelings very well.. and you nee dto be very patient with him.

While Katsuya is rather mature and gentle.
Who wouldn't want him? He's famous with the girls at school too. =p

......but she ended up with Katsuya.

This manga is very typical for shoujo, but i liked this story because of the drawing and the girl's character and each moment she shared with both of them are romantic! o(>w<)o

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this manga is really good...
katsuya is so cool..~~

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