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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jonghyun is D A T I N G


Well actually, I'm not that surprised...


I was actually quite surprised how they come clean about it. You know.. SM Entertainment.. They don't allow their artists to date and all.
Or did they also not allowing Jonghyun to date but Jonghyun still ended up coming clean about it for the sake of Shin Se Kyung???/?? (fangirl imagination theater ON)

But i've been feeling a bit weird about this. After SME let Jonghyun revealed his realationship, and now they dropped their injuction against JYJ's The Beginning. What are they planning..?

Truthfully, i don't know much about this girl. She appreared in Allkpop news quite a number of times but i don't really read any of them. But she is claimed to be the prettiest, best body, etc etc.. 
which in conclusion:
 Jonghyun... So this is your type.. hmmm...
But when i saw her picture, i've always thought that she's older than 21! I thought she's as old as Sandara or Hyori.. =_='
She's pretty though! She does look like Lee Da Hae a little bit. Isn't it?
 (Lee Da Hae)

Oh well, congrats! congrats!!!

congrats u lucky bitch...

I hope they last long!

Amazingly most of his fans kinda accept this, even though some who are die-hard doesn't. But i guess it's because they know that Jonghyun is the type who can't live without a girlfriend. Like a casanova? or a playboy?

But we will see how the die-hard fans going to react about this.. =_=


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