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Friday, October 29, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

Yup i just watched this yesterday.

Score: 4/10

No, i'm not giving it a low score because it is scary, it is actually NOT scary. Not THAT scary i must say.

The plot are very easy to guess for me, even though i haven't watch the first one. I think the reason why i can see what's gonna happen is because of my knowledge in this kind of area. I mean for Asian like me, being haunted, and what the ghost will do to scare and all, or the door suddenly shut on its own, it's normal. Like you know what technique the ghost or demon are going to do.

But in terms of 'scary', i must say that it is only because of the sound. Like it was really quiet at night or when the person was alone, and suddenly a big sound popped out, so i was kinda shocked. I actually jumped on the very first surprise moment. But the other next surprise scenes after that were nothing for me.

The plot is connected to Paranormal Activity 1. That's what my friend said. You will see how it is connected when you watch the movie. But.. *spoiler* > how unlucky these girls must be to be the victim of the demon? and they are both blood related sisters too. I thought te demon only want the baby from the younger one, why is it haunting the older one too?

You guys can go watch it, but not at home since the sound effect is what's gonna make you enjoy it - unless you have a home theatre.


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