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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Durarara!! review(kinda)

FINALLY!!! I finished watching the anime.. fiuhh.. Sorry because i wanted to watch it on a HQ form.. so i download-ed it. :D

Durarara!! is about a number of unusual people who gather in Ikebukuro, Tokyo--- a youth who yearns for an un-mundane life, a hoodlum, a stalker denpa-girl, a young man who deals in information ‘for fun’, a black-market doctor, a high-schooler obsessed with magic, as well as a ‘headless rider’ riding a pitch black bike.
These unusual people begin a series of abnormal stories that never fail to create headaches. But, although their personalities are all twisted— they still talk about love.


There are alot of characters here in Durarara, and even me to make a whole summary and impression lists of all of them would take a whole day (collecting the photos to attach).
At the first half of the episode, they basically tell you stories of each character and i found it very interesting since they are all related to each other, while they slowly introducing you to the main conflict.

Simple but interesting.
Well it's not really simple because they made it so complicated by linking it to many characters, but the main point is simple.
What makes it interesting is the way they tell you the story, and the awesome characters *coughizayacough*
Seriously, if the characters are not that good, this would not be my fav anime, it won't even caught my attention to watch it. 

The 1st ending was brilliant.. I mean, most of the songs are. 
But the 1st ending is the one that you have to take note to. That what makes me wanted to watch Durarara.
there's a parody of Nurarihyon in Durarara!!'s ending theme by Yuya Matsushita:

The song is so so so so catchy!! In most anime i would've skipped the ending and just go on to the next episode, but this one is an exception, i actually listened to the ED and watched the video. It's just too good to be missed!
I lke both of the openings but not the 2nd ending.

In terms of the ending.. Turthfully.. i was quite upset with it.
I mean, they did not really solve everything, only Kida's. But Celty's head.. she hasn't retrieved it yet..

could it be... could it be that.. THERE WILL BE A SECOND SEASON???
i hope so.. ;(
Character's brief introduction:

I haven't watched Baccano yet (but i think i'll like it too)..
Durarara!! has officially entering my top 5 fav anime, after One Piece and Nurarihyon..!!
The idea of gang-wars and all might turn you off when it comes to anime, but Durarara does not. It does not only focused on the gang-wars but also the other characters involved in it, so there's like a side story for that. :D

The title of Durarara itself is also unusual and makes me wanted to check it out.
Well.. it's not a typical shoujo manga.. so girls.. there's no romance in here,, well there is but not THAT much.

The very first character that i'm attracted to, as mentioned in my previous post, is  

Izaya Orihara.

At the very few first episodes, you won't actually think that he is the evil one, but he eventually is.
To be honest.. I kinda sensed this dangerous vibe of him (information broker normally is the evil one isn't it?).. like he's the evil one, but he's still cool to me.. His handsome look totally erased my suspicion!

He got this major love towards 'human'. Yup he reffered us as 'human'. And his quote: "Humans are interesting", reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note, exactly the same quote.

Even though he is evil, i gotta say that he's the (2nd) SMARTEST anime character after Light. L is too but Light is taking it into action by himself, same as Izaya. 

He is actually able to manipulate people by creating a situation and the people acted according to his prediction. Yet he's making a good use of those people, like transporting stuff he's supposed to.
Example from the last episode when that big guy came to hand him the gun for his other work, and Anri came to him as he predicted.
Also, he's able to make his own 'game', by using Kida, Mikado, and Anri as his pawns:
and it went smoothly...

and there are just many things to list to give you guys a reason why you gonna like him so much. HERE.
I frikkin agree to whatever the author says in that blog. Migoooooddddddddd i just wanna hug and crush this guy as hard as i can!!!
Take note on the last part how the author said that Izaya is not that evil!!! He told Kida to join Dollars chat, right??

How can u resist this smart, able to fight, handsome, hjsdfbhasubyvuiyvfuwhjkhjkhbrjsh guy??

No matter how evil he is, he is just addddooooorrraaaabllleeeeee or adorkable..? both?

oh and btw, here is his famous phone-stomping moment:
Izacchi-sama, you can stomp on my phone anytime you want, but make sure it's the phone that i won't be using anymore, kay?
*NOTE: Izacchi is a nicname given by ME to Izaya, since he gave a nickname to Shizuo already ;p

Anyway, enough with my Izaya-bias, here's my second fav character,  

Masaomi Kida.

Ugh.. Kida shouldn't point his arrow of love 'gun' at me.. i'm too weak just by the sight of him..
Well this guy.. a typical boy character you can find in any shoujo manga:  
handsome, hyper, fun guy who has a sad past.

Yup, he is badly wounded by Izaya, not physcally but mentally. 
You know how Izaya's main job is manipulating people and watching them suffer, well Kida is one of his victim. 
Izaya set up a situation where his girlfriend, Saki (damn u lucky bitch), is kidnapped by Kida's main enemy during his time as Yellow gang leader... but Kida couldn't save her because his body won't listen to him (as in his feet just wont move for some reason).
well that leave a deep wound on Kida, and he felt super bad this whole time.

After that incident, he tried his best to walk away from his gang life and live as a normal high school student, but failed to do so because of Izaya again.

Let's talk about his seiyuu, Mamoru Miyano.
He.. Never fails me in dubbing but sometimes there are roles that does not really fits him.
I didn't say that Kida does not suits him.. the voice matched the face, but Mamoru is very passionate is his dubbing so sometimes when he dubbed the voice abit exciting, Kida's face didn't tells us so.. =_=
But overall it's okay.

Being voiced by Mamoru, sometimes he reminds me of Ouran's Tamaki, not just because of his voice..

he loves to pick up girls as well...

except that he always fails to do so, not for Tamaki though..

Next, Heiwajima Shizuo, my 3rd fav (recently at the last episode)

It's kinda funny how i only found him attractive and charming at the last 2 episodes.. =_=

This guy has a VERY VERY VERY short temper.. so be careful. 
When you've totally break his short patience, he will grabbed anything anywhere and started to bombard you or knocked you down without hesitating what method he will use.

He also got a monstrous strength....
Judging from the picture ^, if a person like him existed in real life, your brain would have told you to stay away from him right?

and a sign pole is one of his loyal weapon around the town since his childhood.
Shizu-chan looks cute when he was small XD

If you EVER thinking of hurting him.. um.. i suggest not to.. he does feel pain for a few moments but then he will get up and come back to chase after you with a leveled-up power!
Apprently, the more you hurt him or he got hurt, the stronger he will become.
and his ETERNAL enemy is Izaya, and vice versa.. (even if he's Izaya's enemy, it doesn't mean i am too! =p)

Apparently, Izaya is the only one who's able to dodge Shizu-chan's attack, as well as Simon.
*Note: Shizu-chan is a nickname for Shizuo by Izaya, and Shizuo hates this nickname.

It started since high school, it was a love hate at first sight.
 Kyaaa!!! Izaya-sama!!!!

Shinra, Izaya, and Shizuo are schoolmates before.
and i love how Shinra introduced him, “He’s not a good guy…rather, he’s an asshole.”

Izaya only got serious in fighting only with Shizuo, since he took out his knife.

I just wish Shizu-chan the best of luck to defeat Izaya.

Next, Celty Sturluson.

This sexy cat-helmet motorbiker is Celty. She's pretty much a deliverer, and most of her job is given by Izaya.
Not a deliverer as in postman, but a more imporant/ illegal stuff to be delivered.

She wore the helmet most of the time she's out, since she doesn't want to freak people out for being headless.

Yes, headless. 

she was cut by a sacred/magic sword that can separate her head and body without killing her. Her head is apparently nowhere to be found yet, and she's still searching for it. 

It's been 10? 20? years since she's searching for it, and she's living with this guy named Shinra

Yup, it's Shizuo and Izaya's schoolmates. He loves her and it's all that matters isn't it? She started to kinda give up in searching for her head now that she has found someone who loves and accept her despite of her appearance.

Celty is actually pretty, and this picture below is her head in her dream. She was kinda worried how she would have forgot how her head looks like..

and when she thought she already found her head on a girl named Haruna Mika, it is not her head.. just a girl getting a plastic surgery to look like her for the sake of someone she likes the most.. and if i were to tell you why and all.. it will be a spoiler even though most of this content is a spoiler already.. =_=

Anyway i hoped that Celty will find her head as soon as possible.. since it's quite easy hard with the fact it is in Izaya's hand.

 She's a good friend of Shizu-chan too. and they often fight together. It's hilarous when everytime Celty saw Shizuo going to take care of the enemy, Celty just stopped her chasing and give it up to Shizuo.. lol
since Shizuo will SURELY take care of it very well.
Imagine these two as your bodyguard.. you got yourself a hell of a bodyguard, and i guarantee you'll be safe for the rest of your life.

There are many other characters.. but.. hmm i'm only listings my top favorites.. :D
if you are curious on to find out more, then watch the anime.
Trust me, it is WORTH IT.
Even my download memory ran out because of this anime, but it was worth it :D


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