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Friday, October 29, 2010

So i took a trip with my friend today to Pakenham to get my Halloween Costume! 
I purchased it in Ebay and i'd prefer to pick it up rather than they send it to me because i'm in a hurry.

Oh, i'm dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood!


Apparently i won't be able to receive it in time so i had to get the other one:..

Isn't the 1st one a lot better than the 2nd one?? I love the darkish red color!!! ARGHHH 
but it costs me $80 not including the postage while the 2nd one is only $40.
Oh well.. It's not a big party anyway..

Anyways.. About Pakenham, my destination is A.

The two blue squares is the station, and my destination lies exactly between the two, but i decided to get off at Pakenham station and somehow get a taxi.


So i have no other choice but to walk there.

The main story starts before i arrived in Pakenham.

So me and my friend were three stops away from Pakenham. and then while we were talking the people who were sitting in front of us are looking backwards, so we too, look backwards but there was nothing interesting.

Then this one lady with a kid says, "I think she needs help." Referring to an old Indian lady with a big luggage and a market bag. So obviously me and my friend got up to help her get off the train. But before we were able to get off, the train has already moved again, thus we get off at the next stop.

I helped her to carry the luggage out of the train and put it there assuming that me and my friend will go inside the train and she'll take care of the rest later.
But she said, "I also need to go and get a taxi."
Which indeliberately asking us to get a taxi for her.

So okay.. 

We leave the train and help her to get a taxi. Since she can't walk really well, she was walking really slow. So i told my friend to carry the luggage while i ran out of the station to get a taxi.

I saw one, but the taxi completely IGNORED ME. No matter how many times i slapped the taxi and call out.
So i had to call a taxi for her. The weirdest thing is if you know your mother is going to a friend's house and knowing how she can't walk very well, and carrying all those luggage, won't you at least as her son/daughter help her? or assists her???

So 30 minutes after all that, we finally got a taxi for her, and we still need to wait another 15 minutes for our train.

When we arrived in Pakenham and already halfway towards the house. We saw that the house is EXACTLY the opposite of where we are standing. And there is this cliff between us. Going down there and then climbing up would be fine but i'm wearing sandals..

So we desperately trying to find a bridge that we saw on the map but we couldn't. Yet it's already 2pm. We were told to pick up the item before 2:15pm because he needs to go to work. So i called him and tell him that we are lost.. and we have no choice but to go abck and pick it up tomorrow.

So while we are on our way back to the station.. WE SAW THE BRIDGE!
Which is on the opposite way of where we were walking. I WAS SO MADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And it was such a HOT WINDY DAY. The wind was fine but the sun was really hot. It pierces..

We gotta go and buy a drink before we find a taxi. The kind lady in the shop helped us to call a taxi but it's been 30 minutes and no taxi are coming. So when i saw a taxi, i asked my friend to run and get it while i saw thanks to the lady.. and finally ...


but the problem doesn't end there..

I was worried about my housemate's costume. Because she is in Tasmania and i'm helping her buying the costume from Ebay and the person is sending it from Sydney, and they sent it through express service. But we still didn't receive any card from the post office to pick the item. 
But then thank God.
I told my bro to get the passport and letters and everything as a proof of identity and ask the the post office about it. 
and we finally retrieved it.

and tomorrow we will be there again BUT with a car... :D

Urgh tired..


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