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Friday, October 8, 2010


It was suspposed to be 6.5 but since it made me laugh.. i'll give em.. 7..

No, it's not a children anime.
In Animenewsnetwork, it says that the genre is comedy and slice of life. Well yes.. but they need to add 'ecchi' in it.
It's not ecchi as in the drawings but the jokes. So this show is rated.

Overall this anime is about misunderstanding.
Constantly repetiting the same technique as in misunderstanding.. =_=
Almost throughout the episodes you will encounter alot of this happening.
Normally it would be boring and you'll get sick of the same thing again and again, i mean how stupid can people be that they misunderstood things so many times?
Well.. this one turns out funny.
I actually think that the misunderstanding COULD happen but not that often :D

Watch it for entertainment, I'm sure it will make you laugh. If you're gonna watch it then don't read my 'review' below it contains many spoiler but if you want to get at least a little background ont his anime then go on.

and more review of each episodes is here:

I actually found this anime funny, and i laughed in a couple of episodes. I'll explain the ecchi jokes later after the MAIN characters introduction:

Mitsuba (the oldest of the triplets)

Let me say.. she's the bitch in the triplets..
She acted like she's the queen and always wanted to be addressed as '-sama'.
And her rival is Miku. They have always been arguing like who already wear bra and all.. who's boobs is bigger..
Mitsuba seems to hate her dad.
She told her dad that if he wants to attend the parent-teacher meeting, then he better fix his appearance by "shave it all!!" the beard to not embarass her. Her point is.. it's his beard that makes him looks like a crook.
Apparently the triplet's dad look like a mafia/crooks. Whenever he went out, people mistook him for a criminal and called the police..So yeah.. being a loving dad he is, he agreed to shave his beard and wear suit for tomorrow's parent-teacher meeting. But he misunderstood something...

He shaved his hair too... looking more like a mafia boss!

Futaba (the 2nd triplets)
The goody kid out of the triplets.
She really loves her dad!
and i think she has a group of friends on her own with Chiba and Satou. So more guy friends than girls.
Apparently as cute as she looks outside, she has enormous strength!
When she was about to exterminate a cockroach in Yabe's house, she ended up damaging the floor.

She has this major obsession with boobies. Just by looking at a picture in a magazine, she can tell how many mm is the size of the girl's breast, up to two decimal digits.
and she's also a good drawer, but...

Even though her drawing is top notch.. whoever picture she's drawing no matter it's a guy or a girl.. she'll draw boobs on them.. =_='
Example would be Yabecchi:
and her science project:

Hitoha (the youngest of the triplets)
This girl.. hmm.. abit weird..
and she's scary to Yabecchi as well as some students because of her stare..

I sensed some pedophile-ness in her with Yabecchi.
I mean i know that it's only a joke but it seems wrong at the same time.. haha
like this:dw, it's not what you guys think.. Yabe was just sick.. he got a fever and was resting in the infirmary. Hitoha took off her jacket because she got the black ink mark on it. Those black writing was written by a girl who followed Hitoha around because she thought that Hitoha can she ghosts. She also thought Yabe was possessed by a spirirt and that's why he got a fever. She wrote those talisman on his body.

Yup it's nothign wrong.. but there are a few scenes where you think that it is just SO wrong!!!
But if there's her, there's Yabecchi's scene.. so i dont mind.. =p

Yabecchi (the teacher)

Let me state one thing.. he's a V-I-R-G-I-N. and that what makes him get bullied by the triplets.
Funny isnt it?
He's like 09310381987483 years older than them but yet he's being bullied about his virginity and his crush on the infirmary teacher.

I actually love his character in the anime, and i hope he appeared more on next next episodes.. havent seen him that much in the lastest episodes.

Satou (the jock + honor student)
Meeh.. gotta cross out that description of him..
He WAS the jock and the honor student.. well he still IS, but that name has been dirtied by his own best friend, Chiba.

When Chiba and him went over to the triplets' house to do their science homework with Futaba, an accident happen when Futaba was out. Chiba and him were playing with Mitsuba's panty that Chiba found on their drawer.. and when Mitsuba went up to check on them.. here's what she found: So yeah...

Chiba (...idk how to describe this creature.. lol)
He's been like that ^ the whole time because of Hitoha.
Hitoha always seen reading unknown books in the class, and Chiba is on of her book victim. Hitoha smacked his face with her book and Chiba saw what's inside.. it's a porn book.
Since then Chiba forgot about his anime/manga porn and started looking for the real thing!

Anyway, let me explain the 'ecchi' jokes in here.
So apparently these 3 girls are in elementary and during a school activity, their class are permitted to keep a hamster that the teacher bought. They named the hamster nipples. LOL
and it caused so many understanding with the other teachers and people around them. Here's Nipples:Nipples in Japanese is Chikubi.
See, if you don't actually know the meaning, you will think that it is normal and a cute name.. but it actually means nipples. LOL.
and i love the story part about when Chikubi has a crush on a picture of hamster on Mitsuba's panty, and later he got a heartbreak when seeing Mitsuba wearing the panty because it stretches and it makes his crush look FAT.
OMGOSH, i was laughing so hard at this!

Try watching it for a good laugh!


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