One Piece は も すき!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I just realised that i've seen this movie for ages and i forgot to post this.. hahaha

Anyways, i think i have the highest rating for this: 10/10 10점 만점에 10점!!! lol
Oh my out of all the animated movies, i think this movie has everything. From adventure, romance (the grandpa), tragedy (i cant say it's tragedy tho.. like sad?), comedy.
It's like ALL IN ONE.
I almost teared up when they tells the story abt the Grandpa's love and commitment to his wife. You know when they give flashbacks.. I nearly teared up.
How i wish i could have a husband like that..
But it is sad for him to, to be left alone in the world.
So girls, if you actually found the 'right' partner, let's just hope that you two will leave the world at the same time. Doesn't mean that you/him have to force yourself to have the same death. Suicide is a sin.. lol

I watch this in a 3D version, but it wasn't comfortable since i have to double up my glasses: my normal glasses then the 3D glasses.
This movie really worth my money.

I can't say much abt this movie, but seriously, this movie is worth it.
I do recommend all of you to watch it!!!


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