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Saturday, October 3, 2009

TVXQ is dangerous

or so i thought...

It think my hypothesis that i will jot down soon actually applied to all Kpop boy bands..
Let's just start.

I wrote this down bcus of my sis. You know how i've been ranting the whole time abt how my sis hates it when it comes to TVXQ. She really doesn't want to listen anything abt it, except interesting things like 'JaeJoong is adopted', contract, etc.

She told me that she watched every episodes of Family Outing. I get my hopes up once i heard that, and so i asked her,
"so did you watched the episode where TVXQ com-"
"NO. sif i would." She said coldly.
She even replied back to me right before i finished my sentences, i think she knows what i'm going to ask her.

Like today, when we were talking about the stereotypes in kpop groups. I was talking about SHINee and Suju. I even list them down and write so many things (i'm sure she didn't even bother to read it).
I wrote like:
> siwon: org kaya religius gentlemen prince
>heechul: jujur gila sembarangan
>kangin: manly

>sungmin: kecewean tp talented, dia bs bljr sesuatu cpet bgt. he can do alot of stuff despite his femininmlook

etc etc etc
But when i started to say sth about TVXQ, she quickly wrote, "STOP"
Like that. ohmy.. i don't understand why she hates TVXQ so much?
Is it bcus she got sick of me talking abt TVXQ? i don't think i've talked abt them that much to her? Or maybe she knows how dangerous TVXQ is??

What i mean by dangerous is that TVXQ is contagious.
This is my process liking TVXQ, and i am sure this is how other girls who loves TVXQ now is like before.

  1. Maybe we started of knowing TVXQ from our friends/recommendation/accidentaly appear in the internet/other artists.
    Mine is from watching SuJu's show me your love. (i'll tell you the whole story next time)

  2. Later, when you listen to their songs, like any songs, and you like it you will search for more.

  3. When you search for their songs, it's obviously the songs that has MVs, since you will be searching it in youtube. And through the MVs, you will see how attractive they are. You will start liking one person in there.

  4. Once you like their songs, faces, and videos, they will become one of your fav singers.

  5. You will start watching their live shows. and you will be impressed by how good they are in singing live and thanks to their good looks, whichever angle the cameraman take, they still look good.

  6. Since they are your fav singers, you will start watching their shows and interviews which shows their dorky and silly sides. These might attract your attention as well.
  7. By watching the shows, you might change your choice of fav member, from A to B.

  8. The more you watch their shows, the more you discover about them, like type of girls. If the type of girls they mentioned is like you, you will be happy and actually think of them as a guy who might likes you. Or if you already 'like' them, you will try to be the girl they like.

  9. Not only that, you will discover how the relationship between members and as a team are very strong. You will feel touched.

  10. You will also discover their pasts and how sad and how hardworking they are, which will touch your heart..

  11. and Tadaa!! you are their fans!!

  12. By becoming their fan, it has two meanings: you will see them as your dream boy (98%) or you will see them as a role model to face hard times since they all had a pretty bad hard times before (2%)

Simply why they are contagious are:
- attractive
- ability to sing
- personality
- funny
the company will keep on shoving you with their constant activities..
Believe it or not, i've been liking them for 2 years. Thanks to their good musics, goos meanings, and constant appearance on TV.


Anonymous said...

let me add something.
- they are the sexiest beasts alive.. ;)

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