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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

100 Q&A my version.

Jacq****** A*****

1.) Name: Jacq****** A*****

2.) Birthdate: May 21

3.) Address: in here or in Indo?

4.) Blood type: O

5.) Height: 160ers..?

6.) Weight: sif i would tell u..

7.) Shoe size: 7.5

8.) Personality: mixed, complicated, unexpected. ;)

9.) Dream: have my dream come true :)

10.) Specialties: talking, whinning, complaining, languages, playing police and thief (im the master of this game).

11.) Hobbies: My specialties are my hobbies

12.) My idol: Alot.

13.) Celebrities you likes: TVXQ, Big Bang, Lee HyoRi, Jojo, Justin Timberlake.

14.) Fav Flower: water lily.

15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: JaeJoong.. lol

16.) Fav. Fruit: Banana, Mangoes, and grapes (but eating heaps of the last two caused me a nosebleed.)

17.) People you don like: Someone who thinks they are all that, trying to be cute to some extent, biatch!

18.) Fav comic book: Gosh, i have heaps. Do u really want me to list everything down in here? That would take ages.

19.) What I worried about: love, money (everyone does), work, uni, etc etc.

20.) Sleeping out: .........

21.) Alcohol tolerance: around 6 shots of 151.

22.) First love: no first love but there's first 'like'. hehe

23.) Someone I respect: parents, sis, bro, TVXQ.

24.) Sport I good at: Badminton, squash.

25.) Fav song: heaps.

26.) Number of blind dates youe gone on: none. bu maybe i shud consider one, just for fun =p

27.) When I look the best: just wake up + after shower.

28.) Person Ie liked the best out of all the people Ie gone out with: i haven't gone out with anyone.

29.) Fav number: 8 and 3.

30.) Prized Possession: my fam, babanie.

31.) Lowest ranking: in terms of?

32.) Religion: Buddhist

33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: i need to do something with my dark circles.

34.) Fav color: any colors but not pink. But if there are an item that looks good only in pink, then i would choose pink. wise enuf ay?

35.) Good thing about myself: loyal.

36.) Bad thing about myself: very straightforward and blunt. But it's good sometimes.

37.) Drinking habits: over-talkative. :) + unconciously abit harder when i playfully hit ppl.

39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet?: i would love to, but it will cost me a cold.

40.) Things I cook well: kimchi soup, anything related to pork, banana scones.

41.) Something I want to do right now: I want to cancel my shifts tmrw but i need to work. =_=

42.) Foreign language Im good at: English. But i'm trying to improve other languages.

43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: maybe just take a walk in a city/park/river, while holding hands?

44.) A present I want to give the person I love: i have no idea abt this yet.. haha

45.) Things I want: alot.

46.) If you met a boyfriend from the past: um.. i told u there was none.

47.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: Love and trust!

48.) Phone greeting: 3.

49.) Ringtone: Gdragon - breathe. Love the first 10 seconds.

50.) Caller rings: ???

51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: let's just hope i would be carrying my country road bag. I would take the money (in a bag?) and go somewhere hidden where i will move the money into my bag, replace the inside with trashes. Put it back to where i found it and walk home casually. Quickly spend the money, transfer it ot my sis etc etc etc.. HAHAHAH sif that could happen.

52.) Habits: use facial expression to express sth. twirling my hair when bored. clapping while laughing really hard.

53.) Sleeping habits: i dunno.

54.) What I wearing as of now: yellow tshirt, white shorts.

55.) I want to die when: It is my time to die + my dream came true.

56.) Something I want to do right now: i want to meet him!

56.) How many times have you received flowers from a person of the different gender: twice? that's form the school's valentine event. But i've recieved other things from them.

57.) Where I want surgery: nose. haha but nahh thx.. i'm happy with myself ^^

58.) My charm: i never know what my charms are and i dont wanna know.

59.) What people think of me: various, i behave differently in each group of friends.

60.) Someone I say a lot: s-someone? u mean sth?

61.) What Im scared of: no1 enemy - cockroaches

62.) When I was most hurt: physically? when i was small i had this one accident.. mentally? when i think too much and i know the horrible consequences i gotta face.

63.) When I feel the happiest: i think it will be my happiest moment when i'll see my parents and bro after 3 years stuck in Aus.

64.) What I do when Im scared: inhale.. exhale.. pray.. fold my arms.

65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: i did give chocos to girls and boy friends, but no other boys since they don't attract me.

66.) What I do when Im stressed: I listen to rock music.. hahaha

67.) What I like to eat when I drink: edamame beans, senbei, fruits.

68.) What I do when I mad: normally i hold it till i go home. Later at home, my eyes would scan trhough my rooms for unfragile things, throw them and clean them up. :)

69.) Things I cant eat: anything but pork, beef, chicken, normal fishes, prawn, tako, squid, shellfish, mussells, other normal things.

70.) Time I get to school: depends.

71.) Something I want to learn: jap, korean, chinese, acting.

72.) What I do when there is someone I dont like: just act normal but don't really pay attn to them. When u hate someone, and u keep on observing them to get their bad points.. man.. it's really wasting ur time. That person is so not worth it.

73.) When I was the happiest in my life: not yet..

74.) What I think of money: where are you?? who are you with??

75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: ..... well.. if i think i shud let go of him then i would. If i think i shudn't let him go, i wouldn't. Let me choose when the time actually comes.

76.) Most recent time I cried: a week/2 weeks ago?

77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: Moonlight.

78.) First kiss: none.

79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: we'll see.

80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: hmm.. this is hard. koreans since i am into them recently? hahaha actually any race is fine with me.

81.) My most favorite thing I own: Babanie.

82.) How long I can wait for someone: to meet up? 1.5 hours.

83.) When I was most disappointed: when ya?

84.) Your monthly allowance: depends on how many hours i worked.

85.) Fav animals: Dogs

86.) Fav. Season: Spring and autumn.

87.) Most memorable date: none..

88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Everything.

90.) Nicknames: Jacqu, jek, jeki, jacq, jackie, missnoshow, bacon, baby!

92.) Love is?: i havent had a taste of em yet.

93.) When I know the person I love has changed: When the things they do change.

94.) What I don like when I going out with someone: not sure..

95.) What I like the most about myself: my hair.

96.) A wish for this year: I hope things getting better and better and i hope i will find myself a path to my dream.

100.) Last thing you want to say: arm.. shud i sleep?


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