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Monday, October 19, 2009

Psychology Tests II

You're walking through a desert carrying five animals...
a Lion
a Horse
a Sheep
a Cow
a Monkey

As you're walking... you have to throw the animals away.
What order would you throw them away in?
(Btw, the last one is the one that you get to keep)

My choices are:
1. Lion (he'll eat u in no time)
2. cow (too heavy)
3. monkey (no particular reason)
4. sheep (what the hell it is for?)
5. horse (quickly find a shelter or nearest town by riding the horse)

and the answers:
The order that you threw them away is the order of things from least liked to most liked...
and of course the thing that you keep at the end is the one that you are more dependent on...
you know what I mean?

the lion stands for power and control
the horse stands for your pride
the sheep stands for your children
the cow stands for money
the monkey stands for your bf/gf/wife/husband

But the funniest part is when my sis was thinking which one to choose..

lion = they can protect you + they can sleep with you (it's warm)
me: they can eat you in no time.. =_='

horse = take u around faster.. but u can ride on top of lion

cow = food
me: u gonna eat it raw? beef sashimi is fine.. but r u gonna finish the whole thing in a day, it will gone bad...

sheep = keeps u warm
me: it's desert! It's HOT already!
sis: r u dumb? in desert, at night it's cold as hell!

monkey = has a lot of ideas, can help me think.
me: but they can't talk.

later, we debated abt it and my sis won.


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