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Friday, October 9, 2009

Surrogates and Seolreim

Surrogates! YEAH~
Overall scores: 5/10
The enjoyment was.. yeah.. meh.. so so.. It was pretty fun. But this is the type of movie where you watching it once is more than enough. You won't be tempted to watch it anymore.
I do suggest you all to watch this if you've got nothing to do. Otherwise, just borrow ur friend's DVD and watch it.. or download.. hehe
I really can't give any movie review abt this.. + i suck at giving movie review in a written form (normally through talk).

And while watching the movie, i tried Seolreim!!
They did not sell any other flavour than the blue white one.
It tasted fine. But it kinda too sweet for me.
It tasted exactly the same like when you have a vanilla ice cream and it melted. Yeah like that, dirnking a melted ice cream. But i like it since it is not as thick as a normal milkshake.
Oh and if you still don't know what the hell is this, go watch this and u'll understand.


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