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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


to me and my sis. hehe
check out the MV and u be the judge.

BEAST - Bad Girl

my sis: doohh their english.. pissing me off. "heart sick..." pronounced as "herd sick"
me: i think my friend will like AJ since he gotthick lips. lol
my sis: i find AJ the most annoying. but i like BEAST. yeh beast is gonna do well... look at their hair style... each person have distinct style

MBLAQ - Oh yeah

my sis: can't stand the 'OH YEAH'.
me: ..... like that guy in 1:03 bcus of his smile, kinda looks like Rain but prettier.. lol. dw, i still love JJ better. =p
my sis: ....
me: oh and why it's mblaq? sounds like am black..

next.. JUNSU TIMEEE..~~

saw this in soompi by xiahchagia:

Junsu asked, "Are you all okay?!"

 「みんな、大丈夫?」 ”Minna daijyobu?”

to the fans who were there at his dad's pizza shop.

T/N: Other way of translating this word would be,

"Everyone doing okay?"
"Are you hanging in there?"
"I am concerned about you."
"Are you doing fine?"
"Are you all doing okay?"

But then this friend of mine is a Yuchun fan, so
she did not answer Junsu's kind question but instead asked Junsu if Yuchun was okay.

And then Junsu kindly answered,

"Minna genkidayo," みんな元気だよ。

"Everyone is doing fine."

可愛い!!! いいえ、、 やさしい~~!!
ジュンス= みんな大丈夫?
私= はい! ジェジュン くん どう?? 電話ばんご を-
ジュンス= じゃあね! *ニゲッテ*
私= ... え~と.. 電話..

ahh.. thats bad.. T^T
JaeJoong! Where the hell have u been?


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