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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yey! I found Lyn 5th album download source.

I know that her album has been out for so long, but i cant find where to download it.

If ur going to scold me, "fuck u! Go buy the damn CD instead of downloading it u fuckers!"

Oh well, do u think they sell her CD in Melb?
Do you think my sis won't get mad if i buy another CD (my house has got too many..)?
Hey, if i were as rich as that guy who owns Microsoft (forgot his name), let me tell you, in my house there'll be a room full of Movie DVDs and CDs..

Anyway, here u go.

ALBUM TYPE 5th Album "Let Go, Let In, It's a new day"
RELEASE DATE 2009.01.13
GENRE Pop / Ballad


01 Love Song
02 노래편지
03 사랑..다 거짓말
04 철부지
05 므네모시네 (Mnemosyne)
06 기억을 가져가
07 공감
08 하소연
09 매력쟁이 (feat. MC Mong)
10 데이트



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