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Monday, October 5, 2009


since this blog was meant to be private.. but i didn't lock it.
I did not published this blog to any of my friends, well maybe some of friends do know this blog since i seldom commented on their blog (only on funny posts).
The whole point to set up this blog is yeah.. just like the title says, 'telling, ranting, sharing'. ;)

Talking about comments, this applies to videos and fanfics.
I do post up videos in youtube and people do comment on it but i never have a greed on video comments, seeing the numbers of people viewing satisfy me enuf (even though they might not watching the whole damn thing).

Oh and Fanfic is a different story.
I do crave for comments if the story doesn't show the number of viewers. and i do crave for critiques. I know that my writing isn't that good considering english is my 2nd lang. and i can't really express things, i used to write movie script instead of novel/stories. So i found it abit hard.
I've posted some stories up in winglin and i am glad that people do like it. We'll see if i can make this happen in Soompi. Hey hey hey i'm comin!!

So wassup.. wassup.. wassup.. wassup.. ( addicted to GD's song.. hehe )



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