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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog recommendation

I was just searching stuff in the google tday, obviously it's about TVXQ, and i came across this blog in Multiply.
Too bad that the author has stopped posting things due to her busy work schedule.

What i love about this blog is that,
she always makes the rumours that is going around TVXQ as a joke, and made us think of it in a good way.
Well.. she relates it to YunJae, YooSu, Soulmate, YooMin, etc.. However, in some weird way, it made us think of it in a good way, not putting the 'girls' -who were involved in the scandal- in danger.

For example:

1. Junsu and SNSD TaeYeon
-> remember their dating rumours during the Hollywood Bowl? She kinda cleared the scandal up.


2. JaeJoong and SNSD Jessica

-> The flower bouquet during encore.
Many people thought JaeJoong and Jessica might have something going on, or JaeJoong has an affection for her, but.. lol


and i love it how she made a story out of it.. haha
and and i love how she made fun of some random facts.
Like YooChun who smiles too much.

I laughed out loud seeing this post fo hers! YooChun, you really need to consider the time when you have to smile.

Have fun reading it!


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