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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yup yup yup.. Just watched this movie tday in MELBOURNE!
Not in my room.. in HOYTS. I was pretty amazed how they actually play movies from Asia countries..

Well.. i'll give Haeundae: 8.5/10 Why? not because i like Korean movies..
The plot is pretty good even though it's kinda typical Korean stuff but Lee Minki's character in there enlights the mood.

Lee Minki acts really well there and it's really funny as well. His character and his girlfriend are my fav characters in the movie. ;)

HaJiWon's fine but i wonder why she always play as someone who's poor. (Memories in Bali, etc etc)

Uhm JungHwa. Gosh! She's really pretty here. She doesn't look old, i like her with that kind of hair~

and the little kid! i think he plays one of the three kids in Bad Family.. not sure. and his character's name in the movie is SeungHyun. Reminds me of TOP. haha

I don't really know the other boys so i can't comment that much.. But the actors are all really good here.

The accent in the movie (Busan's accent) kinda annoyes me a little. It sounds so different yet when the grandma was yelling it sounds annoying. It seems like your head is about to explode. So in short, the accent was okay except for when the grandma yells.

The movie technique etc.. I can't elp it si
nce this movie tells story of 4 people at the same time, and so they kinda mix the scenes often.

Their computer technique is not bad either. Even though you still can tell that it is computerised, but their attempt is still good to make this kind of movie.

kinda SPOILER..
Too bad that Lee Minki died!
He risked his life for that crappy ugly bastard?! What abt his girlfriend u idiot?!

While watching the ending, i was hoping there would be some kind of story twist like the waves brings him back to the shore and he's alive.
But that didn't happen.. he actually got swallowed up by the sea..

Gosh! They made such a cute couple, and i love their trademark kiss (biting the lower lips.. lol) and i love how they first met each other!

Oh and somehow, in the movie, Lee Minki with that hairstyle reminds me of my bro alot. Lee Minki actually kinda similar to my bro. Like the eyebrows, eyes, and skin colour. Gosh! Bro! Be an actor! This lil sis of urs is supporting u! =p

Overall, i think watching Haeundae in Melbourne is kinda.. worth it..?
I mean, it was in Half pipe, u gotta pay 12.50 + the seat wasn't comfy. But watching that kind of movie is better in cinema though. so i can't say it is not worth it eaither. But it is up to you.


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