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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final Destination 4

Yup another movie review.

One thing that you guys have to pay attention to: if you like this kind of movie with bloods, organs, etc smeared everywhere, watching in 3D will be worth it.
But i'd prefer watching it normal because, again, i have to wear double glasses.
In the end, i only wear my normal glasses. hehe

Ok, the overall score for this movie will be: 6.5/10
There wasn't much plot it in.
The plot was pretty much: they are trying to avoid their deaths etc and how they tried to avoid it.. Basically there's no story line but it was pretty interesting to watch how they died.. The movie was pretty forced too. Like it's impossible if the fan nearly broke.. and it's a one in a million chance a hairspray bottle will move in its own because it is sitting on a water. Oh well yes i could happen but it's VERY rare.. Yet it is very PREDICTABLE.

I never watched Final Destination before until now. So i think maybe the previous 3 has the same technique? Like one guy has a vision. Juts by seeing the guy's vision, you will know what will happen next - very predicatble FOR ME. I don't know if it is predictable for u guys..

Final Destination is still less scary than SAW. 

For you people who decided to watch this movie just for enjoyment, i suggest you to NOT watch it in a 3D, especially if you have a weak heart.


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