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Friday, January 7, 2011




I'm sure all of you SHINee fans do know that there will be a "concert" where SHINee will present along with 2 other artists.
 It's for the Super Kpop Sydney 2011..
*Sigh* Arirang should manage their management team because they kept on being so indecisive and tentative about this event. 

Saying it's free and then no.
Saying they will sell tickets, and then said it's a private event.
Told us that the survey will be extended, but we cant access the F-in survey anymore!

I was actually quite excited to be able to see Taemin so close. (Yes Jonghyun, you WERE my fav until you got Shin Sekyung.. hmph!)

How i wish Taemin is my lil bro, i would pamper him everyday.. haha he's so cute!

Ok should i flashback you guys again to my previous previous posts? Of course to those who did not follow me at all..

HERE is where JYJ and my fate ended up bad..
 and THIS POST is where SHINee and my fate ended up similar..

I swear, SME must have sth against me! 

haha.. *sulk*...
see, even Taemin is upset that i'm not coming!

Ok.. calm down.. let me just think about it this way..
So.. I was meant to win the ticket and fly to Sydney to watch them but God prevented that because he has sth better ins tore for me..

it better be.. =_=

Time to put on this song for my current mood..

time to... say GOOOODDDDBYEEEE~~~ *cries*


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