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Friday, December 17, 2010

Megamind movie review

Score: 10/10!! this is my next fav animation after Shrek :D

Plot: who cares abt reading the plot..? Watch the trailer:

There's alot of factor in this animation that will make you laugh: the jokes and even the random moments. 
It started off comically, but later it became more.. urgh.. dramatic..? no, more like it went from the target of MA audience to younger audience.. Shortly, there's a moral in it.

Truthfully, Dreamworks did a really good job with this animation. Out of all animation that i've seen, the dubber and the animation goes very well. Like the mouth movement, expression, FITS VERY WELL.
Shrek too, but not as good as this.
The animation was done very well. It really makes the character comes to live.. (lol at this expression..)

All i can say about this is that... GO WATCH EM! 3D IS WORTH IT! It actually works well with 3D.


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