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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maybe Bisco Hatori wrote this manga after she came upon this resort on a magazine or internet somewhere,

or maybe this thing is built after that chapter of Ouran.

or maybe the builder itself is a fan of Ouran and Kyoya! haha

So here is the resort in the manga:

 or if you miss them, and the pictures is not enoughf or you, go watch it HERE.

So, here's the REAL LIFE Ootori's Aqua Garden:

It does look similar isn't it?
Except that it's less bigger compare to Ootori's. Like in Ouran, there are deeper jungles, and we are missing the totem statue switch, as well as the crocodiles.. haha

This place is located in area between Berlin and Dresden, called Oceanside.
So apparently the roof was originally a"port" to store a HUGE plane. It was owned by a company that was working on the plane and stuff, but later a resort company takes over the ownership and they created that tropical resort. Apparently it will always be 79F throughout the year, so this place is just like a tropic island in winter.

random isn't it?

So if you have time, you can check out the place!


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