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Friday, January 7, 2011

“After keeping it in after sometime, I’m leaving this message because I feel this has gone too far. Does (he) not remember the old days when we said we’d work hard together? We were happy even when we were practicing. Did (he) really forget the times when we thought going on broadcast even just once felt like a dream? I’d like it if (he) could look in the mirror once again and think whether (he) has forgotten his rookie mindset~ I understood and forgave them for leaving us without a single word so they could find their own paths, but I don’t know why they are making a fool out of themselves by quietly saying all kinds of these absurd lies and hurtful sayings.”

I don't really care about Shindong's tweet or Boa or Jaewon.
Sungmin's tweet is very meaningful to a long-time friend. 
This is what fame could bring you to. TVXQ may be downtoearth compared to other singers but they are still human. What would human do if they gained alot of praise and fame for so long? Example: Sulli who's personality is hated by some netizens.
I'm not saying that TVXQ has bad personalities but i'm sure there are times where they will forget their initial purpose of becoming a singer.

Sigh Junsu is still too innocent.. or.. hmm i don't know the word, but he can't keep his emotion to himself very well, or at least express it to someone but not public. See what a single tweet could have done.

Seriously, SME may be a bad company to some singers because of their crazy schedules, but out of all companies, ddin't you guys realise their singers are always on the top three?
Compared to JYP who has a friendly groups, and YG who has charisma. Yes they are famous, but across the Asia, SM rules.


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