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Monday, January 10, 2011

I just realised that it's been a while since the last time i posted a manga recommendation. I haven't been reading any new manga lately nor anime, i was concentrating on my Sims and Dramas.. hehe

Btw, for more manga recommendation, go HERE.

So today i was browsing through my folders and i found a folder which i labeled as "dropped" and found few mangas there. I found horror mangas too there!!

So the one that i will be recommending today is.. 
(I'll recommend more below)

Tales For Sleepless Night
Score: 7/10

Plot: Since there are different authors, there are few with good stories, but overall it was OKAY. It's kind of a karma thing like "you did this bad thing, of course you got that as punishment."
For a story, this is nothing. But when it really happens in real life, it's S C A R Y..

There are nine chapters in total by different authors. What's "unique" about it is that the authors are the author of shoujo mangas than we often read!! Sorry, no Watase Yuu.. ;(
and before the new story starts, the author told us their scary / supernatural experience. So i guess they got the idea from their experience?

So for the authors, we have:

- Arai Kiyoko who's the author of Dr.Rin, Beauty Pop, Angel Lips.
My personal favorite is Beauty Pop. It tells about this one guy and girl who both are excelled in hairdressing. When this was released in my country, it was VERY famous. All my friends bought the manga, but i didn't, and i regretted it.. T^T

- Shiina Ayumi: Penguin Brothers, Baby Love, A Fairy Tale For You.
Baby Love was a hit too! It's a girl who loves a guy that's 6 years older than him. She came back after the guy told her that "to come back and find him when she's older." and she did! But the guy has no idea who she is. You know what's better? They live under one roof in the guy's house! Along with his lil sis and parents!

Penguin Brothers is more like a frienship thing but I-LOVE-IT!

- Oobayashi Miyuki: Angel Hunt

- Riko Onoe: My Name is Miiko!
For me, this manga is like a replacement for Doraemon for teenagers. You know like, when you were small you read Doraemon; but when you are older you read this. Because it kinda falls under the same category as Doraemin except that there's 1/8 more romance than Doraemon, and they are just CUTEEE!!
I swear, go and try reading them!

- Igarashi Kaoru: Gakuen Alice
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this one. It was on the top 3 in Mangafox EVERYTIME i opened Mangafox.. =_=

- Komuro Eiko (i don't know about her but by looking at her profile, she is a horror manga author)

- Chitose Yagami: Falling in Love Like in a Comic.

- Mori Chikako ( no idea )

- Kagari Junko ( no idea..)

So try reading it :))


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