One Piece は も すき!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


How my life was so dull without much laughter from watching this.. *sniff*

Mitsudomoe's Season 2's first episode did not disappoint me!

It's mainly about Gachi Rangers that Hitoha and Yabecchi loves to watch.  
But this Gachi Rangers is very fucked up... check it out yourself. 
It brought tears to my eyes from laughter.

There are many epic moments:

modern kids these days who knows where to kick

the hero's boss who won't hesitate to kick an angry grandma

their very well hidden "Secret" base. FYI it's 30m above a busy restaurant shop.

 A hero who sucks at finding road.
I found Mitsudomoe's Zoro. (One Piece's Zoro can easily get lost everywhere and always walks in the wrong direction)

How a lobster/crab can easily disguised as an elementary student..

How a ranger forgot to stop the car before getting into action.

The only ranger that can kill the citizens..

How their life is much more important than their own citizen..

How they finished the lobster monster by cooking it.

 The only Rangers that can disappoint and anger their fans.


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