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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonder why?

I haven't written blog for ages and i guess i haven't wrote about this yet.
I got reminded of this bad news when i saw this promotional video of JYJ:


my sister is living in Sydney and work there.
During Christmas, i went over for a week or two for holiday.
it was on the 26th Dec up until the 6th Jan.

Does the last number ring your bell?

That's the date when JYJ ar
rived in SYDNEY!!!!

they arrived at arou
nd 7:30ish isn't it?
yeah, and that's the time when i just entered the airport.

That's enough of a pain for me... =_=
Guess what makes it worse??

When i read the fanaccount in Sydney, i found out that they went to the EXACT same places that i went to.
- Bondi beach

- city (obviously)

- the Korean restaurant in Strathfield that i just went to on the 5th.

> I can't forget the spicy chicken in there, i'm craving for more! It's just too good! Apparently they sat on the same seat as me, my sis found out abt this when she asked the lady there.

- Circular Quay

> since my sis lives in Kiribilli, we travel by ferry and get off in circular quay.. so that's one heck of a place that i often went to.

- Ferry ride

> yeah, taking ferry to city everyday is alot faster than walking towards the train station. Once i've heard of this JYJ in Sydney, i told my sis to take ferry from now on. But she was like 'yeah... meh..' and she really did not go by ferry on the next day, she rode train.
Guess what? if she took ferry, she would've met
Junsu! ARGHHHHH!!!
and and and... her office is super close to Circular Quay, Junsu was around there during lunch isnt it? She could've just went downstair ask for sig and voila! but she didn't. She still got no interest in TVXQ.. =_=

- Opera House - and many more.. this is just to sad to be mentioned.

URGH! i mean like.. at least they could have just arrived a day later or something! why, why at the same time and same place!!! Gooooooddddnessss!!!! IER72987B2V@$#@$#

and if only my sis allowed me
to use her internet when we stayed there (she said i opened too much rubbish and it took up a lot of her memory), i would have known about it!
and and and.. if only i dont have any assignment due on that week i could have extend my stay
and and and if only i finished my assignment earlier.. ToT


and that promotional video really beings back this BAD BAD BAD memory...

okay.. let me just think of it this way... (imaginary style)

It was fated that me and tvxq are supposed to met.
but God has decided to let them meet up abit later.. maybe in 100+
years.. so God tried to prevent them from seeing each other.
However, He feels sorry towards me, thus he gave me a hint by giving me a tease aka we both arrive and depart at the same time.. =_=
and thus.. me and tvxq are back to our own life.. and wait for the fated time to meet..


*gets smacked*

sounds gross and greasy? i knew?
crap english? i knew. so shut up.
And God, sorry for bringing up your name here.


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