One Piece は も すき!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not as in becoming their girlfriend or anything, JUST MEETING THEM in person!!! ask for sign.. photos.. phone numb-

Anyways, here's the reason why this kind of thinking has build up again in my thoughts since that 'DAY'.

So my housemate flied back to Hongkong on the 20th and yesterday we talked on the phone.
After we talk talk talk talk and talk.. She then remembered something.
I haven't been following TVXQ's news lately so i don't know what they are up to. Did Yunho or Changmin went to Hongkong recently or anywhere in the part of China?
Is it the SM Town?

Because my housemate told me that, when her cousin are on the airport, she saw them. But she isn't their fans or anything, so she doesn't give a shit and just walked even though her eyes are actually stuck on one guy. For some reason, i guess it's Yunho. My housemate was sure that it is not JYJ because i've been complaining about them to her this whole time, so she knows which one her cousin is talking about. So the choices went down to only Yunho or Changmin.

So, what happenned was.. Her cousin was walking (duhh) at the airport, going towards the exit gate and.. Yunho/Changmin was walking EXACTLY behind her!!!!!!!


that moment.. my inner feeling was like  
how could she just ignored it like that...

Urgh.. oh well.. =_=


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