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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Otome Games... oh Otome Games.. WHY ARE YOU ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPANESE!?!?!

Okay, see.

ONE. If you tell me to learn Japanese to be able to play it, imagine!
Maybe the moment i've mastered the Japanese needed to understand this is when i've lost interest in the games, which in another word = LOSS for you!

TWO. If you translate it and released it in english = PROFIT even though not tht much but at least enough to cover your cost for this production no?
EVIDENCE? Harvest Moon!

THREE. If you translate and released it in english = YOU ARE HELPING THE HUMANITY! Not only by making the english fandom comes true, but you are also decreasing the number of unemployment!

I've been eyeing Otome Games since few years ago, and IDEA FACTORY kinda gave us a ray of hope which been 'abandoned' 1 - 2 years ago.. =_= no news from them.

and recently Aksys just started taking an interest on english translation for Otome Games

See, after waiting and waiting so patiently all these years, the lists of Otome Games i wished to play has piled up:
1. Ouran  High school Host club!
If you've read the manga or watch the anime, WHO WOULDN'T WANT THIS GAME??
Gosh.. I'm sure some ppl has lost their interest in desiring this game but moi doesn't..
See! See! See!!!
This is why i told you to translate it quickly before we all lose interest! Start pitying the english fandom like me who's still waiting for it..

2. Hakuouki
 I think this anime has just started to become famous recently? Thanks to the bishies.
Apparently my review post about this anime has always been topping the number of views of all my posts in this blog.

 3. Hiiro no Kakera 

One word... A W E S O M E.
I've decided to get the red-haired guy and the white-haired guy..

4. Fushigi Yuugi

 I've liked this manga since long ago and found out like a few months after that they have the otome games.

5. Will O Wisp

6. Clock Zero

I'm dying to play this!! It looks sooooo good!

 7. Himehibi

8. Death Connection 

Seems to be more of a boysih game but loving the scary arts. :)
Should be the same illustrator as Will O Wisp.

9. Real Code

GAHH! This game has a number of famous voice actors!
Let me note some: Hiroshi Kamiya, Miyano Mamoru, and Takashi Kondo!

 10. Starry☆Sky

This one shall be the best..
alot of famous seiyuu, and not to mention HEAPS OF BOYS!
Apparently i think this game has 4 different parts / separate CD game (I'm not sure, i haven't thoroughly check) and it's grouped in a different season, which in each season you met four guys.
I've set my eyes on the characters that my fav seiyuu are voicing. =p

Here are the links to the game main web:

as much as i like fall, i'd prefer to play spring and summer. Spring because there's Ono Daisuke in it, and summer with Kamiya Hiroshi & Fukuyama Jun.

Anyway, i'll start to write my next post about this game :D

Actually if you're impatient and wanted to know more about this game storyline and review, go HERE.


ナンシ said...

Do you know if Hiiro no Kakera has an english patch for the NDS?

Anonymous said...

it would be great if they released all japanese otome games in english to the US. i rly want play them :)

Anonymous said...

Tokimeki Memorial has two games currently in english and the third is in the midst of translation. They are life simulation dating games. It is based on getting guys aswell so not much like the anime. Also games like Fantasia: Realm of Thanos etc. and Frozen essence are Ok. They aren't the best quality, but they will get you through the waiting for better games.

Anonymous said...

hi...I've started being interested in otome games for some time...and since I don't know japanese, I have been fruitlessly searching the web for english otome games. I found and played Yo-Jin-Bo and I liked it very much( granted..I'm sure japanese otome games are beter...but yo-jin-bo is one of the only otome english games...and the art is very very well done). I have my eyes on Hakuouki demon of the fleeting blossom which has for some months been released in english but I haven't played it yet( I've seen many reviews thought and they salute it as absolutely excellent). I also have my eyes on Host love and Keitai Guardian and will probably play them soon. If you know of any other good otome games in english I'd appreciate it very much if you would tell me (

Anonymous said...

i would kill to be able to play in otome game in english!! i really wish they would bring them to the US.

Anonymous said...

I want to play them too. I loe Anime and maga and such. So tey would most deffenitly get my money. >.<

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