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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weird Dream


anyway since u will never know how ur dream starts, i'll just.. start?

Ok so what i know was that i received a news from someone that Jonghyun (!) was captured by this certain person. Apparently this person is someone who's SUPER dangerous. Kind of like at the Jack The Ripper level i guess..

Because the thing is whoever is being captured by him will be tortured and their head will be cut and he will took their brains out.. Dunno what for.

I recall that Jonghyun was in a dungeon with someone else (still alive) with this crazy guy. Both of them were cruxified..? But their hands and feet are not nailed, but being hold by a handcuff to the wall. Both of them were beat as well..

Anyways this creepy guy was saying something to them before snickering while showing his sharp knife, after that it went blank.. just like in a movie. I assume Jonghyun got cut by him as well as the other guy.

Another weird thing, i have friend (in the dream) who lived in an apartment on my opposite, exactly in the same room as my friend N. But it is not N, it's someone else. It seems like i know him but once i woke up, i forgot who he is.

So i talked about him about Jonghyun and we both are somehow trying to figure out a way but i didn't know that this friend has already caught by the guy.
Apparently his brain has been implanted a chip inside or something else.
I don't know what happens next but what i know is that the creepy guy is actually a teacher/lecturer who got pissed by his student. So what he said to Jonghyun and the other guy after they got their brain taken out is that: "Look at this pieces of brain you have, why don't you use it??" something like that..
Yeah and Jonghyun was half alive! i was like 0_0 motherfjajhdaj!

Ok so, there was a part where my mom was here with me, but she seems to be safe, and she knows whats happening so far. So i quietly went to an area near a lake to find their hideout but i was caught as well. Godknowswhathappennedtomeafterwards.

So fast forward.~~~ it seems like my brain has been implanted by a chip too and i am ALIVE!
But i don't see anyone i know who experienced the same thing as me..

I was in a mansion with one little girl, who seemed to be the owner. She was asking me and other guys/girls there to play a game. She will asks her birds (how uncool is that?) to carry an envelope and flies while we have to catch it and get the envelope that has a cheque in it. Apparently i was super eager and I'm kind of leading in the game.

Later when i was about to get one envelope from a bird who landed in a room that has another door on my left side, a dog came running to me.
I think that the dog was commanded by the little girl to somehow interrupt in the game.
The dog was supposed to attack me and took the envelope away from me, but when it was about to do so.. It stopped and grabbed hold onto my leg. It wagged its tail while whining. I got a bit confused. Then the dog somehow trying his best to point at the door on my left. A dark wooded door. Looks expensive.. i guess..
The dog also sniffed on the door and kept on barking but not as loud to tell me to open the door.
Just by seeing the door, i knew that something is in it.. maybe the bodies of the other people i can't find...?
Weirdly, by having my brain implanted a chip shouldn't make me think that way and i should be like a doll, but i have this kind of thinking somehow..?
When i was about to open the door, the little girl came and stopped us by calling our name. Knowing it is dangerous i quickly acted as if i was about to pick up the dog not the door.

Later she came to pick up the dog and hold it in her arm. She was smiling but the dog was trembling in fear.
She was like, "How silly can you be? It's only a meat storage."
Then she left while her eyes are glaring at me, as if telling me to stay away from that door.

Then i woke up.

I assume the door is really where Jonghyun and the rests are being stored.



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