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Monday, November 1, 2010

Ok let me just be frank about this...

JYJ, you guys.. really did change your image.. and taking it to a whole new level but..


I mean, okay, the song is good.. your vocal is fine.. but there is just something that just doesn't FIT quite well.

I appreciate the fact that you are trying to change your image and all (or is this the image you guys have been dying to potray? the cool ones? I'm sorry but as much as i love you guys.. you guys are just pushing it and looking mor elike a wannabe.) but this is just... NO.

Micky.. i've been quite a TVXQ fans since 2006 and i've been liking most of your songs and saw your performance back in Korea or Japan. Micky.. I've set my eyes on you on your performance.
It seems that you're worsening and worsening.
When there's a live performance, you're pretty much ruining the song by FAIL adlib, and suddenly going off a different notes while trying to look so into the song.

I may sound like a bitch and anti fans here, but it is really how i felt.

Who made the idea of collaborating with Kanye West? I don't mind that you guys are collaborating with them but please find an image that will suits you! DO NOT JUST TRY TO LOOK COOL AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

A company exists to help you with all these lackings and bad decision-making!



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