One Piece は も すき!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Damn this character seems to attracts me alot.
He's just full of awesomeness!!! Even though i'll most likely hate this kind of person in real life. But we are talking about anime and stories here. :)

Anyways here are the screencaps of some of my fav moments in episode 83 -96.
and of course, it's Hibari-related only.

The older Hibari still hate being in a crowd. WHY? WHY? WHYYYY????
But thanks to that, Kusakabe has more appearance time. :D

Yes yes.. whatever Hibari.. just admit it..
FANGIRL ALERTS! Note that Hibari is weak with alcohol! Can someone make him drunk???
Ryohei is always rehected by him, so why not Dino or Reborn do it?
damnit! i wanna see what he's like when he's drunk! put it inthe OVA or sth!
but heck.. if he's drunk, he might go on a rampage or the result that we are all hoping it to be..

Damnit Chrome.. ur lucky as heck!

Anyways, Hibari is SUPER MEGA ULTRA reliable there isn't it? He basically knows how to do this and that and helps Vongola alot!

Oh and Hibari is sleepy now, so let him go to sleep now.


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