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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anime: Working!! review

Score: 8/10 because of the 3 seiyuu (Daisuke Ono, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama)

Plot: 5/10
It does have a plot, but for some reason i just couldn't give it a high one. But i gotta admit that it is funny for most of the time, but it does not make me LOL.

Songs: 7/10
Their op and ed songs are not the type that you will like when you hear it for the first time, especially when you're not watching it. But after watching the 2nd episode, i'm starting to like it and find it funny.



Characters: 10/10 I love all the characters!

Takanashi Souta  
(CV: Jun Fukuyama [Kuroshitsuji's Grell, Durarara's Shinra])


This guy is Souta, the main character.
When i watched the first episode, i thought he's gonna be another dork character in an anime, but no! He's worse than a dork, in a funny way.
HE LOVES SMALL AND CUTE THINGS! as in.. small.. small, small in size.
Which is why he loves Popura because she's small or the harsh word : S H O R T.

My favourite quote of him is when he said: "Kids are cute but when i thought the fact that they will grow up, it disgusts me.."
Really showing his love for small and cute things~

and he's so cute when he was small~~

Yup, his siblings and parents made him crossdressed when he was small.
But even now when he crossdressed, he still looks AWESOME:

But i admire his little sister for some reason:

Jun Satou  
(CV: Daisuke Ono [Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian])

Does he reminds you of this guy below?

Gosh! They really look alike! The only thing that's different is the eyebrow, Sanji has a curly one! Their personality is also a complete opposite. 
Sanji is a perv while Jun is cool. But both are the same when it comes to girl, they kinda fail:

Both are unrequited.
At least Jun is not as pervy as Sanji. hahaha

I myself.. hmm.. I do like Sanji too.. but after seeing Jun...

 I'm in!!!!!

bye sanji..

Hiroomi Souma  
[CV: Hiroshi Kamiya [Durarara's Izaya, Arakawa Under the bridge, Bakemonogatari])

My favourite of all!!!!
I started to wonder why Hiroshi Kamiya always voiced this kind of guy.. kinda typical Izaya.
He looks very nice outside but he learns everyone's dark secret and threaten them with them to do his work and other stuff. LOL
In real life you might hate this kind of person, but in anime they're the best!!!!

an example:

Jun found out that Yamada been packing the fridge with her Natto.

Souma jumps in, trying to be a good person by stopping Jun who was 'scolding' her.

and this is where his true selves revealed...

Reporting Yamada's crime so far with that smile, which led to...

Taneshima Popura

Awwwwwww i swear, this is the cutest girl in the anime!!! So chibi and kawaii!!! Goshh!

She might look like a grade schooler but she's actually in high school, alot of people has mistook her for elementary though.
Jun and Takanashi often tease her with her height.

and that hair looks so fluffy!!! I want to ruffled it like what Jun did to her.

and styling it..

Jun's hand is very skillful..

Todoroki Yachiyo

The mother-like normal worker who carries her sword with her all the time.
I thought she was normal... but no.. T^T
If i was served by a girl like her i might be startled when i saw her sword.. 
Apparently Jun has feelings for her.. but she's kinda lesbian towards Kyoko, the manager.

But i'm loving the DARK YACHIYO

Mahiru Inami

You can see that she's a shy girl and all~ and a man-phobia

Whenever she sees a guy, she'll itch to punch them like the picture above. She punched Takanashi, her crush, while blushing.. LOL

Shirafuji Kyoko

 The manager of the shop. She was an ex-yankee during her high school times, and she helped Yachiyo when she was 'bullied'. Thanks to that, Yachiyo really looks up to her and follows her everywhere to the point that she started to like Kyouko.. =_=

She's a glutton too.

Yamada Aoi 
(CV: Hirohasi Ryou [Baccano: Chane])

Out of all the girl characters, her voice is my favourite. Not too cute.. sounds normal yet girly at the same time, and i'm loving it.
She's the only one who could win over Souma. hahaha ;p
Won't say much about her bcs it's gonna be a spoiler :D


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