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Thursday, August 6, 2009

ARGHH this is stupid

Seriously, i feel like crying now.
I still can't submit my entry for the competition.
I know that i sound so desperate and I AM!
I want to at least enter and see how i go, lost? win? runner-up?
If i win, that will be a dream come true..
free tickets, free accomodation, and even meet tvxq. Fuck! Who doesn't want that?! (i know some of you dont if you dont know them or are not their fans)

fuck fuck fuck fuck.
I feel like cursing and throwing things right now.. omg..
But if i throw things it's gonna be messy again..
and if im shouting, i'll wake my hsmate up..
damn damn damn damn..
Please.. please.. please.. i'm so fucking desperate right now!
i even sent a message to the username. I dont care what they are thinking, just as long as they take look at my damn video is good enuf.


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