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Friday, August 21, 2009

District 9

I just watched it 3 hrs ago.. and Gosh.. it was a really good movie!!!
I came to watch this without knowing a single thing about it, i haven't even watch the trailer..
My sister's friend just invited me, and yeah so we go.

Ok, let's just get to the point, my rating for this movie is 9.2/10
I love the plot, it's very unique. You have 3 parties which you will know. The MNU (police), the aliens, and the Nigerians. There are times where you will think that the aliens are the bad ones.. when the police are the good ones, and when the Nigerians are the good ones (but i think in this movie, they are potraying always as the bad guys)... The are even times when you will hate the main character!
At first, the main character kinds of potray an idiotic guy, from the way he is talking, yet his mushy appearance.
But i still don't understand how this mushy guy turned out to be a pretty hot fatherly guy.. hahaha

This movie is a bit.. sadist? for some viewers. They showed so much blood and killing. and i am lovin the alien's weapon. When you shoot, the person that you killed will be torn into pieces, breaks into particles. A very clean killing.. haha
But don't worry, it wasn't as sadistic as Saw.

The animation was perfect, it fits well with the color of the settings. Yet you can hardly tell it is an animation.
The camera is good, but in some parts where they run and battle, it's too shaky that you can't really see what's going on. maybe it is one of their 'camera-technique' but it is just too shaky.
I can understand if it is a documentary, but it is not.. it is still a movie.

Talking abt a documentary, this movie starts and end like a documentary. So ppl, don't even think that this thing actually exists in Johannesburg.

The ending was touching yet disappointing.
The alien (Christopher) said that he would come baack in 3 years. He promised.
But the movie only showed the main guy making flower out of metallics/irons and indirectly gave it to his wife.. Damn.. i almost teared up in that part.
He turned 100% to be an alien..
But i was hoping that they would show Christopher came back 3 years later, healed him, and he can come back living with his wife as a human.. Leave it with a happy ending...

wHY the last 2 movies i saw always ave this kind of ending..?

But anyway, this movie really deserves an award.
just be aware that this mvoie is very emotional as well..


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