One Piece は も すき!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Oki, so i had this stupid conversation with my friend.
We tried to use our imagination as best as we can, entering the anime world.. lol

So let's see..

Out of all the famous manga and anime since i was born (One Piece, Naruto, etc..) who do you think would win if they fight?

We came to this conclusion.

If One Piece crew + Naruto and his teammates + Akatsuki + Marine are on the same boat. What would they do?
Of course, OP + Naruto + Marine will work together to beat Akatsuki which we know that they are bad.
After that, if the Marine is targetting for OP, it's impossible.
Combining the power of Naruto and his teammates + OP crews.. They are dead meat! Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Itachi, assume they are still alive.. they might be on the same level as luffy.. hahaha
Ok, so if Naruto and OP work together, Marine will lose.

If One Piece and Naruto have to face each other,


Luffy will win..

Why? because Naruto has its limits - Chakra - yet their attack won't have much effect on Luffy the rubber man. Since i have the passion to find out who will win over Luffy, i suggested more anime characters to my friends

Luffy vs Sailor Moon = Luffy.


(everytime Sailor Moon is in a pinch, tuxedo will come right?)



Luffy vs Tuxedo = Luffy


(All tuxedo can do is throw rose... =.=')



Luffy vs Light!! = Luffy


my friend said because Light doesn't know Luffy's real name. I know it is 'Monkey D Luffy', but what's the 'D'?
But then even if he eventually knows.. if Luffy goes on physical before he was able to write, he's  dead meat.



Luffy vs L = most likely will be Luffy.


(what can L do in this situation? Fight? Asif..)



Luffy vs Natsu = Luffy


(Rubber may lose to Fire, but still..)

Luffy vs Vampire Knight = Luffy


With the power of Bishies!!!!!
VK still lose.. lol

Luffy vs Ouran = friends/ ally (even tho they will be useless..)


Well in here.. Luffy will find another one of his nakama.. none other than TAMAKI!!!
Their stupidity matched each other..

Luffy vs Nura Rikuo = .......... this gonna be a tough fight...


Rikuo's main weapon is his fear and his nenekirimaru. Rikue himself got a really good skill, especially if he used his latest technique of combining himself with his allies' fear...
But I doubt that Luffy is scared of ghost because he's fine with Brook.. So this will all comes to physical fight... and no one knows who would win..
So if Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian joins the fight..



Luffy vs Rikuo vs Sebastian = .......?????...............

This might be the end of the world...

Sebastian himself is the devil..
Rikuo is a.. yokai? So it's under Sebastian, but Rikuo is not obliged to follow him at all..
Luffy will find quite of a hard time fighting Sebastian...


Anyway.. no matter who wins the battle..

i've found the ultimate weapon!!!

whoever wins the previous battle vs Doraemon = DORAEMON


When Luffy is about to launch its' gomu gomu, Doraemon can just take out it's special torch and make Luffy small...

Same case with Rikuo and Sebastian.. Doraemon got all of the stuff to defeat them!

Ckckckck.. in the end.. Doraemon wins. as long as there's no mice..


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