One Piece は も すき!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oki. (why am i always starting with 'oki'?) I just had thsi thought recently.. Does getting old makes you dislike sweets? I mean, yes you will eat it, but you don't like it to be sweet. In my case, when i was around kids till teenager, if i ordered a coffee, i would always put 5 sugars in it and that's normally the amount of sweet i like. But recently i bought a coffee and when i put 3, it is too sweet for me! Like really sweet! Oh by the way, the sugar that i put in is Equal because in that cafe, they only served that. Maybe Equal's sweetness is more concentrated than the normal one. Not only that, when my friend made a bday cake for her boyfriend's bday tday, i tried it and i said it is sweet enough. But my other friend said it's not sweet. I'm like.. maybe something really is wrong..

Anyways, let's just talk abt the SM Town live. I read an article that reported that the fans posted a complaint to the entertainment about the concert.
As you all know, they cancelled it with a reason that with TVXQ current issue with SM, it doesn't make an SM family or sth like that.
So the fans got their tickets back with refunds, but in the complaint they demanded a 10% compensation as well.

This time, i gotta say that the fans are stupid - especially Cassiopeia.

I mean, if they are complaining abt this and SM agrees, SM will put the blame on tvxq.
Who knows TVXQ will feel guilty and decided / pushed to pay for the compensation.

Not only that SM will blame TVXQ on this as well, they might say, "bcus of this contract thing, you put SM and the fans in trouble."
Gosh.. it's bcus Cassiopeia's members must be teens. Maybe older, but most of them will be teen. And this teen doesn't know much things. They only know ho wto swoon over someone spend their shit on these stars, stalk them, and forget abt the education. That'sw hat makes them stupid. I kinda think that, if you want to survive pretty well in korea, you better bcome a singer or sth like that...


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