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Thursday, August 27, 2009



Let's talk about bishonens in manga, anime, games, etc etc etc..
i found heaps!!

It started with a boring session where i just finished work, going home, clean up the house, sit in front of the comp and browse for some videos.
Then i encountered some parody of manga or animes of NewS' cm 'Nandemonai dance'.
Here's the original cm:

Even though i love YamaPi, NewS is quite new to me. The boys that i know from the video are:
1. Yamapi
2. Koyama
3. Shige
4. idk but he's cute like a lil kid..
5. Ryo
6. idk too..
Anyway, so here are the parody of manga of this cm..

One Piece!!!

Luffy and Zoro are amazingly looks good in here!!! Kakkoiiiiiiii~~
Nami.. hmm kinda doesn't look like her..
Ussopp.. i think teh hand motion dance fits his personality very well..
Robin.. She's like one of those Bgirl.. or bboy.? haha

Next, Death Note!!

This maybe the first animation of this parody that the author make. It looks stiff and all. But L is the most kakkoi in here!!
I wonder why they put Matsuda in.. They should put one of Near's assistant in it.. the guy with the black hair since i love him.. hahaha
and hey i didn't know that L could stand so straight.. lol


This one is my least favourite of all...
Naruto looks amazingly weird..
The only one that looks OK is Gaara. Mehh.. let's put Sasuke too..

Next, Baccano

Truthfully, i never read this manga before.. and thanks to this parody, i want to read it now.
i mean.. as a shoujo reader, who can resist the appearance of the bishonens in here???
I love the 1st, 3rd and 5th guy... hehehehehe
So far, this is the best. The color and the animation are a lot better than the other 3.

Ehehe and i can't resist Hibari in the pocky cm. hehe even tho i didn't read the manga as well..

and i would love to see Nandemonai dance of OURAN..
If only he's gonna make one.. T^T

Like always, the bishonens from the game will be from Harvest Moon.. and Hiiro no Kakera.. think i've shown it to u all.. but anyway, lets start..
I didn't play all the series, but i see a couple of fanart of Tree Of Tranquality.. and i'm loving the bachelors there.
The only thing that i hate about this version is because they made all the characters round! Round face, pointy nose etc.. i hate it!!
If i see their faces in wii first, maybe i won't like it.
Thank God i saw them in a fanart..
Here are the bachelors that i love and see the comparison!
1. Gill

What i like about Gill is that he seems like a Tsundere.
You know.. the type that most shoujo will like. ^^
I kinda like his type in manga, but not in real person..

2. Chihaya

Chihaya, i love this guy because he seems to be so laidback and an easy person to talk to.
You can say you will look up to him as a sempai or brother.
I like this type of guy as well, laidback. He seems to mature and independent too. ^^
For personality, i like his.
Surprisingly, my guesses are pretty much his personality in the game.
If he is a real person. He's the type that i would want to get close with but not for realtionship. I would hate to lose him as my friend or anything. I just want him to always be by my side, no problem, no conflict no anything. I will treasure him like crazy. =p

3. Tao

Oh well.. Tao is an exception.. he looks cute both in the game and fanart.. hehe
This guy looks careless abt the world isn't he? Look at the smile that he always put on his face!
He seems to be a good friend. Seems like you can make him to be involved in any kind of prank you want to set up. hahaha
but as what i read on the guide, he's not all that careless..

Ok.. so those are the bachelors in ToT.
If i have to list all my fav bachelors.. here are they:




Trent (not in MT)
did i miss anyone? lol XD

I think that should be all for today.. I'm considering to buy an NDS...
I don't want to buy the game, just download and use R4 (borrow from friends)
Because playing in computer using emulator is really annoying. I don't mind if it is working.. but no$gba doesn't seem to work very well now. Mine works only 26%.. do you know how annoying it is and how slow it is. Im thinking to buy an nds.. just for harvest moon.. lol of course no.. other games too.

now i don't know which world am i living in at the moment.. hahaha


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Agree!! Gill is LOVE!!

Natasha said...

most of the bachelors you listed are my fav bachelors too!!

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