One Piece は も すき!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Oki, oki, oki, oki..
Just let me go to the dream world for a whilt and talk 'trash'..
Like what i've mentioned sometimes before, some of my dream has come true, or more like nearly alike.
Then i dreamed about me being Junsu's girlfriend and yeah..
Today, at work, my manager told me taht he dreamed about me.
He said that the two of us were sitting on a bench and a guy was standing inf ront of us.
I kept on telling him how much i like that guy, and he kept on telling me that he's ugly! LOL
But then i won't listen to him and kept saying that i like him. In the end, the guy just left us.

When i asked him what he look like.. He can't really remember. He remembered that i am wearing a white top with mini skirt and the guy was wearing jeans..
Too bad he didn't remember who the guy was.. tsk!
If only it was JJ.. mwahahahahahaha

Btw, could this be a sign?? I mean like i had so many dreams that had connection with TVXQ..
Could it be that..? 0.0
Oh well.. Let's not get my hope too high for now..


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