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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yeah, i'm still not over it..

I'm still disappointed and shocked..

JJ.. *sigh*.. guess ur not my no1 again.. hahaha

and i still can't get over the fact that Junsu is wearing an apron in the MV...

what's with JJ's running at the beginning..?

and Micky's hair.. is unforgiveable.. but if it's his style then go for it.. BUT.. BUT..


I seriously can't stop thinking that JYJ should go back to SM for the sake of their career!!! I'm saying this for their own good! I know it's gonna be tiring and eveything, but come on.. NO PAIN NO GAIN.
I know that it's an extreme pain but.. It really is for your best.
If they kept on going like this and relying much on their big fanbase and famous artist/producer name, sooner or later they will decline for fame.
I'm not kidding.

I do think JYJ relies on their fans too much.
See, you guys even failed to secure a concert in America.. and gave it out free.
I'm being serious, that is the most ridiculous thing that ever happenned to a company. Securing a place for concert is like the most basic thing a company/event organiser should be able to do.

and i saw a petition/donation that has the intention of collecting money that JYJ should've got from the America concert. I know that it is with a good intention. But if i were them, i'll feel pathetic and embarassed.
I know it's good and all but, my pride would fall.


ye ye i know u guys will say that 
"then stop looking at the video biatch!"
then DONT WORRY. I WILL STOP LOOKING AT THAT MV! but not the others.. ;)

or maybe..  
"how could you say that u want them to go back to SM when SM treated them like shit?! You don't know how hard they work but never got what they deserved!"

ok so.. Do you know? Do YOU really know how SM treated them like shit? U mean not giving them the right wage, making them work like 24 hours and all? Do you even know the reason why SM did that?
Come on, i used to think that SM was wrong too, but when i look at both sides, what SM did was alright even though it is wrong. It is for the sake of gaining their money back from TVXQ that they used to train them before. It takes alot of money i tell ya.
I'm the type of person who if my friend is wrong, i'll tell them that it is wrong for their own good. Of course it depends on my friend as well. If they are the type that: "who the fuck is she to tell me that i am wrong..? so she's my enemy these whole time, she's not siding on me." then i won't fucking tell you and go suffer.

anyways, here's the MV that made me LOVE them.. ;)


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