One Piece は も すき!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making decision is really hard these days.
I mean, at my age now, making a decision is really critical for your future self. 
Different step leads you to different paths, where there won't be another path in the future that enables me to gain 2 different goals. 
Damn but if i were to use my real ability.. Maybe i can.
But even if i wanted to do so, there is something that is missing that i still don't know what it is.


Things didn't go well these days..

I mean come on, i did try my best in my study and all this time, but i don't think my sister would take that.
She will 'sue' me for having fun and playing around like I usually does.. OMG! Last semester i cut down my slacking time and even going out with friends. Been pretty anti-social.. hahaha

But i guess she won't trust me.. sigh.. =_=


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