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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kaidan Restaurant review

Yipeeee!!! Gotta do a post today to celebrate my good results!! Damn even though it came out good, for some reason i wasn't satisfied because one of the subject is just P.. T^T and i'm announcing this to the whole world.. this is sad.. =_=

Anyways here is the anime that i'll be reviewing today: KAIDAN RESTAURANT

Summary: is a Japanese children's storybook series. The books take the form of horror anthologies, edited by Miyoko Matsutani and illustrated by Yoshikazu Takai and Kumiko Katō.

Score: 6/10  but worth watching

Plot: 8/10
This is similar to xxxHolic, if you've watched the anime. Like telling different scary stories in each episodes.
There are three stories per episode, and they present it as if they are serving a food in a restaurant. Like, the scary story is the food. They've got appetizers, main, and dessert. 

Dessert is normally a short story but most of the time the ending doesn't satisfy me. I mean, they wanted to keep it mysterious but sometimes it can't be kept so. It's hard to explain but if you watch it you'll understand. 

For me, ep 1 and 2's stories are scary enough for an anime.. 
But the episodes after that are so so. 

Maybe because it is an anime. Scary stories/movies are better if it is a live-action. 
One way to enjoy horror anime / movie is to imagine yourself being in the position of the person.

Drawings can't really scare you. But if it is a manga, it is a different story.   
Example, Ryuk from Death Note

I'll give you the drawing in manga, live-action, and anime, and you can see the comparison of which one is scarier. 


 Shit! I would've jizzed my pants if i saw the last pic in a nearby mart! X(
try staring at it for about 5 seconds.. it creeps you..

Personally, my most favourite story out of all is the sleeping princess, which was in episode 3
It's where a princess died and her coffin is kept in a church, and a guard has to watch over it every night. But one by one the guard disappeared. That is one scary shit if it really happens.. 

Characters: ...../10
 I don't know what score to give for this one.. 
I mean,  when they are telling the stories, they are using the same character to picture it over and over again. 
Always that yellow-haired guy, pink-haired girl, and black-haired girl, and a family..

Komoto Sho
 The 'normal' guy who took alot of interest in supernatural thing.

 Ozora Ako
I can't stand her sometimes.. =_=
but she's pretty without glasses. Girls are always like that.

Sakuma Reiko 

Ghastly Garcon

 I assume he is Mexican? Spanish?
Oh and i heard there's a live-action movie for this:

People are disappearing in Yamazakura City. There's a rumour going around the town that you'd get spirited away if you can't reply an email from the Death correcctly. When Aco's friend Mai goes missing, Aco, Sho and Reiko visits the haunted "Kaidan Restaurant" in search. Meanwhile, Mai's older sister Haru Amano starts investigating the case, trying to figure out the truth behind "Death's email".


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