One Piece は も すき!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So i was loking for some things to watch on my day off today, and idk why i was searching for Arashi in youtube. Even though i don't know them that much. All i know is Aiba who i watched in a certain clip where he interacts with animals and ended up funny. Jun who's in Hanayori Dango, Ohno in Death Note, Nino in Stand Up!

So so i came across their Wii Party ads, along with the english version.
Try watching them an compare it, which one will make you buy it?


[english version]

Obviously Arashi's. Ok, i'm not biased because i don't know much about them. But when we compared them advertising the same thing, you can see which one's better.
US should try to make more ads like this.. hmmm...


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