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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have you??

not dream as in, getting a good score or eating the food you've been wishing to eat.

but let's go deeper.. like deep, but not too deep.

I've realised that two of the biggest dream had never come true.
well one of them is like totally impossible since i cant rewind the time.
the other one is at the brink of IMPOSSIBLE as well.

1. I wanted to experience high school life in Japan.
So this 'dream', i had it during my primary school - middle school era when i was still so immersed in manga and anime. 
There are so many things i want to experience! couples are:

school there of course..
Their fun school events


Making a wish at the temple.. hehe

When i moved to Australia, i do have the chance with my high school, HOWEVER..
in my school, exchange only happened like once every two years. When that happened, is when i was in year 10 and 12.

Year 10 was possible but i entered the school on the 4th term, so the exchange period is over.
Year 11, there was no exchange program.
Year 12, it was the most important year of high school, and the year 12s are not allowed to go on an exchange..

Well i do hope i could somehow made this possible in uni even though i don't actually have the certificate for being able to speak Japanese, but verbally i could up to the point of normal conversation.

2. I wanted to watch TVXQ concert.
Well they are like my fav boyband since.. 2007? 2006? idk. 
But anyways, i really wanted to go and watch their concert in Korea or Japan WITH MY OWN MONEY. I'll pay for the tickets myself, airplane, and i'll.. stay over in a friend's house to cover the hotel fee... hahaha
I mean, asking my sis or parents to pay for sth that i really want myself is not gonna be THAT satisfying for me. But, if they wanted to help, I DON'T MIND.. hahah

and why did i say that it's at the brink of becoming 'IMPOSSIBLE'? Well of course because they are now split into two groups.
So i was just praying and hoping that one day they will come back together and i could go watch their concert.

Oh and let me add a backstage, 

fansign, fanmeet, 


fanaskingforahug sessions,



fans get kicked out


wish they are back together soon.


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