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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kpop insider


Just came across this forum topic in allkpop about this one guy who works in kpop industry and he kinda 'spill' things about it.
Well it's up to you if you don't wanna trust him and all, but from experiences and shits, i somehow could relate and trust him about this.

It's obvious how he kinda despise JYJ Junsu alot here. Well i did too... but i guess it's bcus Junsu is childish or he really is like that.
There are a couple of posts where i could guess who it is. yay.

About Kpop artists.. hmm.. well i gotta say i don't know them myself but i got couple of friends who works there too. All i know is about IU. But not gonna say anything about it here bcus i just 'HEARD' about it from my friend.

Anyways.. sighs...


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