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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obsessed with letter J

I have been writing fanfics in Asianfanfics these few months and when i make my 10 current heart ranking.. i realised that most of the idols i like.. the first letter of their names are 'J'.

So i'll just list it all here.
Let's forget about the order since my heart.. is changing.. hehe

1. TVXQ Jaejoong

2. SHINee Jonghyun
To me, he's really a boyfriend material.. idk why.
I know he appeared to be very.. snobbish and arrogant.. and i do hate him when he acted that way,
but i still love him :D
I love him better with darker hair tho..:

3. SHINee Onew / Jinki

4. Kim Jaewook
5. TVXQ Junsu

6. CN Blue Jungshin
Just started to grow fond of this guy today. I love his personality on TV.

7. Song Joongki

8. 2PM Jaebum

9. Kimbum (exception)

10. Big Bang G-Dragon / Jiyong

11. MBLAQ Joon
I seriously cant get enough of his smile :D

12. CN Blue Minhyuk (exception)
Love his boyish image..

13. 2PM Nichkhun (exception)
Do i need to tell u the reason why i love this boy?
Appearance wise yes..
But i just think of him as sth tht is almost impossible to exist. He's just like a perfect guy character in manga..

14. Super Junior Sungmin (exception)
Man.. this boy is good at everything he does.. Even though he's girly but.. yah.. he's just.. undescribeable..

15. Super Junior Heechul (exception)
T^T I miss him in TV shows...

15. Super Junior Leeteuk / Jungsu
The very first person i like in kpop.

16. Beast Junhyung
Pretty boy in appearance but fierce personality.
Pretty boy in appearance but fierce personality.

and there are like many more boys i like, like: TOP, Taemin, Nichkhun, etc etc.. just to lazy to type it down and put their pictures.. i still hate blogspot's picture settings..

Jaejoong, please start more activities before my heart completely migrates to Jonghyun.


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