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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dream Technology

So for all those people who thinks that they are the greatest technicians/developer/scientist or whatever with technology-related. Let me give you a dare.

Can you make a technology that allows people to go into a book and play RPG as themselves? and of course, travel back to the real world safely..

This crazy imagination rose up after talking about how great Doraemon is.

(WARNING: this guy may look weak but he's the strongest of all)

Imagine us (the otakus and not including me) having a stress-free session by RPG-ing as a character in a story... Let it be Twilight, anime, manga, or movies...

and people will have more fun watching craziness of people around the world like the guy who married NDS... you will have more of that!

So what else are you waiting for?

This is the greatest chance to prove yourself as the best developer that ever existed in the woooorrrrllldddd!!!!!

im retarded.

but yeah, how great would it be?


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