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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's been AGES since the very last time i posted.
i always said that, and i ended up posting another post 3 months later.. =_=
it's not like anyone reading this blog for good tho..
but i just feel like writing up sometimes.
Writing diaries in here is a bit bad, but it could kept you calm sometimes.
blahblahblah. anyways,
now i am SUPER confused, RUNE FACTORY 1 OR RUNE FACTORY 2?!?!
i've played both. but i feel like playing again after i got bored with the Winter in Harvest Moon Sunshine Island.

Rune Factory 1:
> better bachelorettes

> good storyline

> small village

Rune Factory 2:
> bad bad bad bachelorettes

> Well.. the idea of the second generation doesn't impress me as much..

> big village. RF2 seems to have more place to explore.

In conclusion,
how wonderful it would be if RF1 and RF2 are combined become:
RF2 main character, Kyle, with RF1 storyline, and RF1 bachelorettes, in RF1 village.. =_=
and now i'm still confused to play which one..
RF3 will be out very late.. and i feel abit turned off just by seeing the 'ultra girly' hero..


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