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Monday, June 29, 2009

My new sleeping time.

I think because a few weeks ago, i've been sleeping at 2am in the morning, i'll always wake up at 10am. But it changed not to 4am-3pm... =.='

Well.. During the whole night, i keep on logging in to this blog of mine + youtube.. it's like my current life.
I'm still waiting for the acceptance of my new job (gotta call them in 3 days).

I feel bad for my housemate though..
I don't know if it's my speaker problem or my ear's problem.. My speaker seems to be very loud that it could reach the living room, or even to her bedroom.. idk.. hahaha
Hmm.. Since waking up at 3pm makes me uber lazy.. i'm trying to fix it.
but HOW..?


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