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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Precious.. hahaha..

This is pretty random..

So i was having a chat with my friend about Michael Wray, the winner of Hell's Kitchen season one, about how he moved from a restaurant to other restaurant because he gets bored easily + he wants to know each restaurant's style.

And yeah, i told him how i love to be like him but i am contented with my current job in McDonalds..
and this is what he told me:

"klo misalnya JJ itu peringkat pertama smthing precious di hati lu... McD gw yakin nomer 2"

Which if being translated becomes:
"If JJ is number 1 in your heart dictionary of preciousness... McDonalds would be the 2."
Quote?: 'Jonathan Harly' (i did like what u told me to, referencing.. lol)

Anyway.. JJ,, if someone doesn't know.

He is a 'pretty' guy in a Korean Boyband called DongBangShinKi, or in short TVXQ. Name is JaeJoong.

Oh and a warning to you readers (if i do have one.. ;p)
Be careful since in the future edition of my blog posts might mostly consists of this guy, my ( i wish) husband.


Anonymous said...

lol i love it when you give a warning to us.
but it's ok for me. i do love them as well. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hah... print screen... ckckck.. wtf Jacq.. u have nothing to do yeaH?? well.. always use reference from now on.. hahaha..

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