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Monday, November 2, 2009


ARGHHH.. i thought the contract thing with TVXQ would ended up fine.. but things been pretty hot now..

Oh well... after reading all the articles by Allkpop about TVXQ contracts from the past few hours, i was shocked by the confession of YunHo's and ChangMin's father. Well.. not really.
I could understand how the other three's parents were thinking at that time. I couldn't reveal it very well. However, by reading YunHo's dad comment, i could see how Yunho inherited his father's personality.

It's a very normal thinking how when you think your company is shit, you wish to get out of the company once you are powerful enough. And you see now, TVXQ, they are famous. The three members must have thought that if they are claiming this, it would go well since they are famous enough yet they think they could continue doing their activities without SM's support.
They might be able to do so, but remember, SM is the one who got connections with other countries entertainment. SM is the one who play the major part getting them this famous. I am neither on TVXQ nor SM side. I'm always neutral and always want to watch the ending by not gettin involved in it, unless the situation forced me to. =p

I am sure that what their dad said MIGHT 90% be true. I can't voiced out my opinion as deep as i normally would bcus i don't know the whole information and details about this. If i were their family or close friends or anything close to them , maybe i could.
I was kinda disappointed reading YunHo's father comment when he said that, the three members take up the legal action without consulting to him or ChangMin's dad. HOWEVER, isn't that only the parents? Who knows that the three members actually DID tell the other two before hand? But the other two didn't have the time to tell their parents or something.

We all must have been thinking that TVXQ friendship will last forever. They might, and i'll so envy them.
I learn that friends could never be your 'best' friend.
They could, but that's if your lucky enough to get one.
TVXQ friendship no doubt is really strong, but that doesn't mean a small mistake could break their friendships.
I'm not saying that this legal actions will break their friendship..
ahh im tired.
ill continue talking abt this tmrw.


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