One Piece は も すき!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it just me?? Or they have the same hair color??
*I wish my face would suit that hair color! I love it!*

Yup, that's from Heaven's Postman press conference.
Hope the movie will turn out well!

You know how rumours said that JaeJoong has an interest towards HyoJoo?
People stated that just because of a 'small touch' between those two, like hugging her shoulder, whispering, sitting close, etc etc which supposed to be normal for 'normal' people.
Well, we can't believe the rumours unless JaeJoong clarifies it himself that he likes her, or maybe we gotta wait till we get a clue from him, or in the worst case: they announce that they are dating!

and i love JaeJoong's smile in the press conference:
and i think i have an 'ideal type of smiles' in my dictionary. For example like these guys below. I don't know if you guys could see the similarities in their smiles like i do. But hey, it's my opinion~!


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