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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's not that i just read this..
but it's more like i just got my net back a few days ago right?

It's about Masato Matsuura-san's tweet:

Wanting them to get back together is my wish, but not getting back together is their decision.”

Here is the complete article

I actually already read the article on the other blog about this, without the news about Ayu.
The thing is, i felt weird.
Hearing that from Matsuura, the chance that TVXQ is really not getting back together rises up until 90% or more like.. 95%+..

For some reason, i did not feel surprise.
The feeling is asif i knew this would happen etc.

So no upset

no sad


Now i start to question myself:

am i really their fans?

I mean, normal fans would have gone crazy hearing this? Like what the fans tweeted Matsuura back on twitter.
Or am i just a 'normal' fans?
Not that i called those people the 'crazy' ones..
But just.. weird.. =_=

Anyways, hope Junsu recovers fast in LA.
Jaejoong and Micky, better take good care of yourself.


I decided to do this..

in three years, Jaejoong will go to the army.

I have written this down on a website which gave me the answer of 'yes'.
i wanted to see if this website is actually true.
I know i know.. why should i put Jaejoong as the experiment, why not myself?

The reason being i tried on myself and it came true, now i want to see the impossible.

So.. let's do this:

In three years, Jaejoong will go to the army. Two years after that he will return and meet me!

ok ok ok..


but but but

We will see!! ;D


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